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I'm tired of hearing from VRBO owners that this is a tough time for them as well, therefore they have license to take what is not theirs. What kind of world do we now live in when it's justified to take money from someone when you did not provide a service or product?

My airline canceled my flight, and my conference was canceled, due to Covid19. Beyond my control. I cannot even get to the VRBO property if I wanted to. So...I would like a refund.

If I don't provide any service to my clients, I don't (and CAN'T) charge them.

Most VRBO hosts make their monthly mortgage with a 4-7 day stay/booking. So, I have ZERO compassion, when the host tells me "I have a mortgage to pay, so I won't refund you". I don't care; that's BS. I have a mortgage, which I easily deferred (a simple email) until this Covid19 pandemic is over.

I also applied for the Emergency Relief Fund, due to lost income. These hosts just want easy and free money; just be less-awful people, and apply for the Emergency Fund, like good people across Canada have done. I also have no work, and hence no paycheque. So, don't give me your sob stories, owners.

Covid19 does not justify theft. Airbnb did the right thing, and refunded upon request. VRBO will be no more after this, I suspect.

Imagine if I told my clients (that I had to cancel), "I'm taking the money from your scheduled treatment because I have a mortgage to pay. Sorry you didn't get your treatment, but I need the money, too".

I'd get shut down, and lose my license.

Step up, VRBO. Mandate your property owners to refund 100%. People will not forget this. And owners/hosts, stuff it.

I'll be staying at a hotel next year.

And not booked through Expedia, either (Expedia and VRBO are mostly one-in-the same, BTW).

Karma can be a nasty thing, folks. Shame on you, hosts and VRBO.

User's recommendation: Stay Away!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vrbo Property Booking.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Vrbo Cons: Bad customer service and refund policies, Hosts are greedy, Unsympathetic, Theft.

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I agree with the OP. This is theft, and hosts will get theirs.

Most will be boycotting VRBO, including me. A lot of hosts are terrible people.


Travel insurance doesn't cover "theft by *** half-wit.


Stop crying ! next time buy trip insurance


Mind your own business. I hope this recession eats you alive.

I take it you stole money too?

*** hath a nice little corner by the fire for you. Start practicing Kumbaya.

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