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George on VRBO with property # 161**** at By the Sea.

Perishable food left in fridge, 6 mismatched glasses, old towels, no hangers, non matching dishware, rude responses, cheap kitchen untensils, pans, you name it.

My correspondence with him.

george sent a message

Jun 12

"hi Jeff the condo will be ready at 3 oclock. no cancellations yet.

there is a lock box. code is 1982 . key is there . Enjoy !"

You sent a message

Jun 12

"Thank you for the update George.

My wife land at George Bush International at 3:15 and then we are heading straight there. Looking forward to a week relaxing."

george sent a message

Jun 12

"you will enjoy !"

You sent a message

Jun 13

"Good Evening George. It is a very nice unit and I appreciate the upgrades having done alot of renovation work myself. I don't expect a response tonight, and I hope this does not come across as complaining, but I wanted to send a message after talking to another owner in the elevator who mentioned items being stolen from his unit.

I don't want to leave in a week and have certain items we knew were not here, but you expected to be here since you get great reviews on VRBO and what is in the unit. I am a little surprised at some of the kitchen items, since it is listed as a unit for 5 people, but there is really plating for 3. There are 6 glasses and all are completely different and not clean at all. As soon my wife went in the kitchen there was a big sticky spot on the counter to the right of the sink.

No hangers, and really only 2 decent towels. I have pics of all of the items if you would like to have them. Overall the unit is very nice and I know we will enjoy our week here, just wanted to bring those items to your attention. I'm sure I will appreciate the updated mattresses.

I think the hardware on the second bed probably needs tightening, but I planned to look at that tomorrow, but I noticed it squeaked a bit when I laid down on it before my daughter when in there. Have a good night. Jeff"

george sent a message

Jun 13

"Jeff, there were at least 8 full size plates in cabinet . there is ample silver ware and cooking utensils.

the unit is a beach condo and there are normally some beach towels in the little cabinet on wall. vrbo standard is 1 towel per person. I usually provide six. most people bring there own towels.

I am not there in between each client . but if you make a moderate list of things you need . I will have my maid go pick them up. please re ember that is not a 5 star hotel.

that would be the san Luis down the road. It will cost you about 360.00 a night for 2 queen in a single room. the condo is priced fairly or even under priced. the unit has a brand new central and brand new appliances.

it is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each guest and I have not had but 1 previous complaint about cleaning. so I will gladly have my girl come tomorrow and clean the counter. if you are an early riser please call me in the morning for resolution"

You sent a message

Jun 13

"As a rental home owner, I always ask my renters to keep me informed of any thing that comes up. Your comment about San Luis was completely uncalled for and I was not being rude at all.

Everything is fine, we bought towels and hangers today and cleaned most of the kitchen items. I agree you have 8 full size mismatched plates, 3 coffee cups, you have 5 bath towels, you have 1 beach towel, you have 1 ridgid shop vac, you have 4 dumb bells, you have 6 mismatched glasses. The place is very nice and like I said you have mostly very good reviews. I am just surprised this is the response I received to my message, since I am not sure I could have said it any nicer.

I would suggest your "maid" not leave alcohol in the fridge for the next person, what if the person was an alcoholic? Open containers of milk and grapefruit juice, among many other open items. I won't even go into why leaving open perishable items is a big no no. I have attached pictures of the items supplied so you know what was here when we arrived and what will be here when we leave.

I mentioned the items to ensure you were informed, but I realize you were already 100% aware and I apologize for wasting your time.

Have a good night. This will be my last correspondence for the week. Please do not respond to my message."

george sent a message

Jun 13

"here is the deal Jeff . it never fails.

I try to do everything possible to ensure my guests have a pleasant stay. But atleast once a year I have someone come thru there that thinks they are an authority on vacation rentals. I try to keep my condo moderately priced, clean , and generally well rounded. I would not message you at 10 oclock at night to tell how to run your rental.

I would expect the same consideration from you. My "maid " will come over there today and address any needs you may have. Long story short is. I dont have rent that condo out.

its paid for in full. I choose to rent so people may come and enjoy the beach. my comment on the San Luis wasn't meant to hurt your your feelings, but to inform you if you were looking for that type of room . Then it is available down there ."

You sent a message

Jun 13

"I am not sure I could have been any nicer on my first email, but obviously we will agree to disagree.

There is no need for a maid to come here, everything has been taken care of as I mentioned. If anyone shows up I will let them know they are not needed. I don't know if the joint in the picture belonged to the previous person, the maid, or someone else, but this was left in a bowl right above the dehumidifier. I am not mad, or shocked to find in a rental, but it was not hidden and was in the open.

I mentioned in my first message no need to even respond yesterday, but if you get alerts for messages that wake you up, I will apologize for sending a message at 10PM responding.

I will make this my last response so I can enjoy my week and you will not be bothered. Hopefully you have a year before dealing with another know it all."

User's recommendation: Lots of other units at By the Sea in Galveston TX to rent.

Location: Rome, Georgia

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