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property ID 121****

We had a confirmed reservation with VRBO to rent a property for a family vacation at Lake Anna in Bumpass Virginia. Upon the height of the COVID lockdown several of our family members were under Dr's orders not to travel.

We inquired about the refund policy, via email with the property owner, if we cancelled where we were told there was no refund for our deposit of nearly $3300. We immediately emailed the homeowner back saying we were not going to cancel. Almost 2 week later the property owner emailed us asking if we were cancelling as it showed cancelled on is end and finished with "let me know what you guys decide". Somehow our reservation got cancelled (we did not cancel - VRBO says we did as they provided a print out from their website as proof which I believe was altered or completely fabricated).

We immediately emailed the property owner telling him we did not cancel and wanted to continue with the reservation. He did not reply. We emailed him several more times with no reply while we spent dozens of hours on the phone with VRBO customer service where they assured us they would work it out and tried multiple times to get a hold of the home owner via phone calls, messages and emails (at least that is what they told us while we held on the phone). At that point we began to panic as the home owner was not responding to our emails or VRBO customer service emails and phone messages.

Per VRBO COVID response policy we tried to get future credit, refunds or credit to apply to another house with a more responsive ethical homeowner where they said they could not grant any of those without hearing from the homeowner. We opened a dispute with our credit card company which they initially credited our account but then reversed their decision once VRBO provided a print out from their website saying we supposedly cancelled. Visa is refusing to rule in our favor as they say we don't have proof that we didn't cancel.

That proof does not exist as everything is done through VRBO's portal/website and even though we have the email from the homeowner seemingly confirming our email and asking us what we decide to do which was received approx. 2 weeks after we supposedly cancelled our reservation as well as countless hours on the phone with VRBO customer support assigned multiple case numbers and the fact that they could not get a hold of the home owner.

User's recommendation: avoid VRBO and property 121**** Wine Down in Bumpass VA.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vrbo Property Booking.

Location: Springfield, Virginia

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I cancelled my reservation on Oct 1st, within my free cancellation time and two days before my final payment was due (covid related). I got confirmation that my refund of deposit would.d be credited within 5 days.

26 days, 2 emls to customer "service" and several emls to the owner and nada.

This is what I paid a $450 booking fee for? I have been using VRBO for 10 years- great way to treat a loyal customer!!

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