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Terrible customer service from both VRBO and the owner. Owner is hiding behind her cancellation policy and VRBO will do nothing.

Paid $4300 CAD and didnt receive a dime back. Also, I requested a change of dates for the 12 days fully paid for, but Melody the owner refused that as well. The Lucky Coconut and The Lucky Mango, in Maui, arent so lucky.

Our travel dates were supposed to be April 12-23 right in the window of supposed rebook/refund. NEVER AGAIN.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vrbo Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $4355.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Vrbo Cons: Bad customer service, Vrbo policies are inadequate.

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I have the same exact story. Melody scammed me, changed my cancellation policy and kept all my money.

I offered many times to simply switch dates, even after she did this to me. Melody continued to ignore my requests to work with her as she said she was busy assisting other guests. Seems she didn't assist her other guests in April either. In the end, she kept my money, guarantee this has happened to many others as well.


Do not book at the Lucky Mango or Lucky Coconut in Maui or book through VRBO. Absolutely terrible Customer Service from all!


I’m sorry it happened to you as well! She is a scammer and karma will come for her.

If she can’t afford 2 condo mortgages in Maui...then she shouldn’t have put herself in a bad financial position. That’s not the guests problem or fault. We tried to work with her and asked for a rebook so she didn’t have to cough up the money she didn’t have but she refused. She told me she couldn’t make money on that rebook time.

She’s also extremely disorganized as she “lost” our first payment to the condo and only “found” it when I provided proof. Steer clear everyone!!!

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