We tried to booked a place in Belize. VRBO came back and said owner did not respond and we were not charged.

They gave a list of other places available. We wanted the place we booked, so I tried it again. Next day a confirmation and we were charged. Great!

Not so. * days later we get a cancellation email from them. I got on line, cancelled my insurance I had bought, and booked another place through Booking.com. I got my insurance credit a week later, but no credit from VRBO.

When I called after 12 days, they said the reservation was still active. I argued with 3 people over 3 phone calls averaging 15 minutes each. No help. I emailed the owner of the house and sent him the emails I had.

He was furious, got VRBO on the phone with me listening in. After 20 plus minutes, I was going to finally get my full deposit back. Or so I was told. After 12 more days I still have no refund, and calling there to help, the girl says its in process.

BULL. They violated their own printed refund policy, and lied to us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vrbo Property Booking.

Location: Corpus Christi, Texas

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